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TOP 10 Best Travel Destinations to Visit During Winter

TOP 10 Best Travel Destinations to Visit During Winter

Hey, travel thrill-seekers!

Buckle up for a spine-tingling winter rollercoaster that'll set your heart racing and your soul soaring.

Whether you’re looking to explore the best places to visit in the winter in the US and beyond or are wondering how to choose a vacation destination, we have got you covered.

This blog post is your one-stop shop for Exclusive Winter Travel Guidelines & Deluxe Apparel to complement your journey. With Dockhead, every journey is a fusion of DOPE fashion and exciting travel for globetrotters.

Forget the beaten tracks; we're diving into the hidden gems of the USA where each twist and turn brings a new rush of winter wonders. And, oh boy, we are gonna do it in style!

Read this guide featuring the best places to visit in winter in the world and enjoy the sneak peek into your next awesome traveling venture.

10 Best Places to Visit in Winter in 2024

Presenting Dockhead's Winter Tales to help you discover Hidden Escapes…

Read on to unlock a bonus destination.


Sangre de Cristo Mountains east of Taos New Mexico with two houses in distance and snowy peak in background

1. Taos, New Mexico:

Welcome to Taos, New Mexico—the ultimate playground of excitement and culture! Ever heard of this mountain paradise? Taos isn’t just a ski destination; it’s a vibe.

Things to do in Taos, New Mexico

Here's the lowdown on what makes this place buzz:

Mountain Magic: Taos Ski Valley isn't just a spot for snow lovers; it's where the fun happens. Get those skis on and feel the rush as you zip down those snowy slopes. Picture yourself shredding slopes in the day and chilling by a bonfire in Dockhead's snug beanies and scarves, feeling like a local mountain legend. 

Time Travel: Step back in time at Taos Pueblo. Picture ancient adobe buildings and a community that's been doing its thing for centuries. It's like walking into history!

River Thrills: Wanna feel the rush? Hop on a raft and ride the Rio Grande's rapids. It's like a roller coaster, but wetter!

Art Fever: Taos is all about art. Galleries here are bursting with cool stuff that'll make you go, "Wow!" Check out the Taos Art Museum and prepare to be amazed.

Sky High Fun: Want a view that'll blow your mind? Hop into a hot air balloon and soar above Taos. It's like floating in a dream!

Nature Hike: Lace up those shoes and hit the trails. You'll find lakes, forests, and views so pretty, you'll forget to take pictures.

Yum Alert: Taos cuisine is a flavor fiesta! Dive into local eats at spots like The Love Apple or El Meze. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

Spiritual Vibes: Visit the San Francisco de Asis Church. It's an old adobe beauty that whispers tales of history and serenity.

Party Time: Be part of the buzz at festivals like the Taos Pueblo Powwow or the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally. It's all about fun and good vibes!

Starlit Serenade: Wrap up your day by looking up at the sky. Taos' starry nights are like a million twinkling lights. Pure magic!

    Taos is like a treasure chest of cool stuff. Whether you're up for adventure or just wanna soak in the vibe, this place has it all. So kick back, take it easy, and let Taos do its thing—you won't be disappointed.

     Apostle Islands in Northern Wisconsin on Lake Superior

    2. The Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

    Things to do in the Apostle Islands: Endless Exploration

    Nestled in Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands invite you to an adventure unlike any other. With 21 islands dotting the lake, each holding secrets waiting to be discovered, your exploration knows no bounds. From sea caves to pristine beaches, these islands whisper tales of ancient geological formations and vibrant wildlife.

    Fun Fact: Did you know the sea caves along Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are transformed into stunning ice formations during winter, creating an ethereal ice cave wonderland?

    Superior Shoreline Accommodations

    Find yourself lulled to sleep by the lapping waves with a range of accommodation options along Lake Superior's picturesque shoreline. Cozy cabins, waterfront inns, and campsites offer an array of choices for every type of traveler seeking a serene retreat amidst nature's grandeur. 

    Interesting Fact: The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore has one of the largest collections of lighthouses in the United States, guiding sailors and serving as iconic landmarks for visitors.

    Featured Stories

    Explore the rich history and captivating stories woven into the fabric of the Apostle Islands. From tales of shipwrecks to the heritage of the Ojibwe people, immerse yourself in the captivating narratives that echo through these islands' ages-old beauty.

    Did You Know? Madeline Island, the largest of the Apostle Islands, has a fascinating history dating back thousands of years, with evidence of human habitation found as far back as 3000 BC.

    Explore the Area

    Winter transforms the Apostle Islands into a snow-kissed wonderland. Discover cross-country skiing trails, snowshoeing adventures, and the mesmerizing ice caves accessible by foot when Lake Superior freezes over, creating a magical landscape straight out of a fairy tale.

    Fun Fact: The annual "Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race" is a thrilling winter event that attracts mushers and spectators, showcasing the islands' unique winter charm.

    Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau

    The Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau is your gateway to planning the perfect Apostle Islands adventure. From island hopping tours to local insights, this hub is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to make the most of your visit.

    Did You Know? Bayfield, the gateway to the Apostle Islands, is renowned for its apple orchards and hosts an annual Apple Festival celebrating the harvest season.

    Discover the Unexpected

    Prepare to be surprised at every turn as you explore the Apostle Islands. Whether it's stumbling upon hidden waterfalls, encountering rare wildlife, or witnessing the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky, the unexpected is always waiting to awe-inspire you.

    Interesting Fact: The Apostle Islands are home to diverse ecosystems, including old-growth forests, sandstone cliffs, and sandy beaches, offering habitats for a variety of flora and fauna.

    Ice caves, frozen waterfalls, and otherworldly ice formations—this place feels straight out of a fantasy novel. Who would not want to wrap themselves up in Dockhead's cozy blankets, sipping hot cocoa in funky drinkware as they explore this frozen wonderland! Sure, you do!

     Harpers Ferry National Historical Park West Virginia

    3. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

    Historic charm meets winter beauty. Hike the Appalachian trails and cozy up in Dockhead's durable and sexy shoes, ready to conquer rugged terrains while feeling as stylish as a mountain nomad.

    The Best Things To Do In Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 

    Conquer the Trails: Lace up your hiking boots! Harpers Ferry National Historical Park offers breathtaking trails, winding through stunning vistas and historic landmarks. Fun fact: This park marks the meeting point of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia! 

    Whitewater Rafting Thrills: Ready for a splash? Raft down the roaring Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers for an adrenaline-packed ride. Harpers Ferry boasts some of the East Coast's best rapids—prepare to get soaked!

    History Comes Alive: Step back in time at the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Wander through preserved 19th-century buildings and relive the town's pivotal role in American history. Fun fact: This was a site of John Brown's famous raid in 1859!

      Epicurean Delights: Where to Taste the Flavors

      Canal House Cafe: Refuel at this charming spot with hearty sandwiches and homemade pastries. Their outdoor seating offers stunning views of the Potomac River.

      Battlegrounds Coffeehouse: Start your day right with a cup of freshly brewed coffee at this cozy cafe. Pro tip: Try their specialty lattes for a caffeine kick! 

      Potomac Grille: Indulge in riverside dining at Potomac Grille, serving up mouthwatering American cuisine. Their rooftop terrace offers panoramic views while you dine.

        Retail Therapy: Where to Find Treasures

        Harpers Ferry Outfitters: Gear up for your outdoor adventures here! From hiking essentials to river gear, they've got you covered.

        Vintage Lady Boutique: Discover unique finds at this charming boutique. Pick up handmade jewelry or retro clothing for a stylish keepsake.

        True Treats Historic Candy: Take a sweet journey through time at this candy store! They offer nostalgic candies from different eras—perfect for a sugar rush and a walk down memory lane.

          A Night of Rest: Where to Dream

          Riverside Glamping: Unconventional but unforgettable! Experience luxury camping along the riverbanks, blending comfort with the great outdoors. How about pulling off some super-stylish cargo shorts and zip up hoodie to boost your looks?

          Cozy B&Bs: Opt for one of the town's charming bed-and-breakfasts. Some are housed in historic buildings, providing an authentic taste of Harpers Ferry's past.

          Riverside Cabins: Embrace rustic charm in cozy cabins nestled along the river. Enjoy the serenity of nature while being just a stone's throw away from the town's buzz.

            Harpers Ferry isn't just a destination—it's a tapestry of adventures waiting to be unraveled. From hiking trails to historical landmarks, culinary delights, and unique stays, this town invites you to explore, indulge, and create unforgettable memories!

             Portland, Oregon, USA downtown skyline with Mt. Hood

            4. Things to Do in Hood River, Oregon | Columbia River Gorge

            An adrenaline junkie's paradise. Kiteboarding, snowboarding, you name it! The road to Hood River winds through breathtaking landscapes, offering picturesque stops and jaw-dropping vistas along the way. Keep your camera ready; every turn is a postcard waiting to happen.

            Fall Flavors Near Hood River

            Autumn whispers a tale of flavors. From crisp apple orchards to pumpkin patches, Hood River's fall palette extends beyond its natural beauty. Explore local farms for cider sipping and pumpkin spice delights.

            Freeride Mountain Biking in Post Canyon

            Dare to pedal through adrenaline-pumping trails in Post Canyon. Get your heart racing as you navigate thrilling terrain and feel the rush of freeride mountain biking in this rugged playground. Suit up in Dockhead's unique printed jackets, ready to embrace the elements and the thrill of Hood River.

            Outdoor Adventure in Hood River

            Chasing Winter Steelhead: Feel the tug! Hood River is a haven for winter steelhead fishing. Cast your line and reel in the thrill of the catch in the icy waters, chasing these elusive silvery trophies.

            Go for a Run in the Gorge: Lace up and hit the trails! Runners paradise awaits in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. Feel the wind in your hair as you jog along trails, mesmerized by nature's grandeur.

            Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail: Step into history! Explore the iconic highway trails, where each step echoes stories of the past while offering panoramic vistas of the Gorge’s beauty.

            Riding the Post Canyon Trails: Saddle up for adventure! Traverse Post Canyon's diverse trails on horseback, embracing the serenity of nature and the thrill of equestrian exploration.

            Three Generations, One Cabin Getaway: Create lasting memories! Gather the family for a rustic cabin retreat, where generations bond over s'mores, starlit nights, and tales by the fire.

             Sedona, Arizona, USA

            5. Sedona, Arizona

            As the season blankets the iconic red rocks, this Southwestern gem transforms into a captivating paradise of serenity and allure.

            Where to Stay: Luxe Digs Amidst Red Rock Majesty

            Red Rock Retreats: Surrender to the splendor of Sedona's red rock landscape from your cozy, chic retreat. These accommodations offer an unmatched view of the region's majestic beauty, blending luxury with nature's artistry.

            Mystic Canyon Inn: You can feel Sedona's spiritual energy in this cozy inn. Each room whispers tales of tranquility and the ethereal charm Sedona is renowned for.

              10 Awesome Things to Do

              Hiking Adventures: Check out special places in Sedona known as vortexes. It's like feeling nature's superpowers while enjoying killer views.

              Jeep Tours: Buckle up for a bumpy ride! These tours take you through rocky roads and cool spots you can't reach on foot.

              Hot Air Balloon Ride: Ever wanted to fly? Get in a hot air balloon and see Sedona from way up high. It's like a dream!

              Chapel of the Holy Cross: Visit this cool church built into the rocks. The view and vibe here are something else.

              Art Galleries: Walk around and see breathtaking art in Sedona. It's like stepping into a colorful world made by artists. Dockhead's artisan-designed sweatshirts blend seamlessly with Sedona’s artsy vibe, keeping you warm as you soak in the breathtaking desert scenery.

              Stargazing: Look up at the sky and see a gazillion stars. Sedona's sky is like a sparkly blanket at night.

              Wine Tasting: Sip some good stuff at Sedona's wineries. It's like tasting a bit of Arizona in a glass.

              Scenic Drive: Take a car ride through Oak Creek Canyon. You'll see some mind-blowing views around every corner.

              Visit Ancient Ruins: Check out old spots like Palatki and Honanki. There are drawings on the rocks that tell amazing stories.

              Yoga Time: Try some yoga in Sedona. It helps you relax in this amazing place.

                 Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado

                6. 5 Things To Do At The Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

                Winter doesn’t always mean snow! Slide down sandy slopes and enjoy the surreal beauty.

                Sands, Boards, and Adventure: Where to Rent Sandboards

                Get ready to slide down sandy slopes like never before! Venture to the base of the dunes where local outfitters like "Sands n' Boards" await. These savvy spots offer sandboard rentals, transforming the dunes into your personal playground.

                Scaling Heights: Hiking to High Dune

                The pinnacle of adventure awaits atop the High Dune. Embark on a thrilling trek, feeling the grains shift beneath your feet as you ascend. Pro tip: Set off early morning or late afternoon for cooler sand and epic shadows against the dunes.

                Timing is Everything: Best Time to Go

                When's the best time to experience this sandy marvel? Spring and fall unveil mild temperatures, perfect for exploring sans scorching sand. For those craving solitude, weekdays beckon with fewer footprints on the dunes.

                Sandy Sojourns: Where to Stay

                Here's the twist! While you won't find luxury resorts amidst the dunes, nearby towns like Alamosa and Mosca offer cozy lodges, charming B&Bs, and even campgrounds. Picture waking up to sunrise over the dunes from your rustic cabin or under the stars at a campsite.

                More Than Meets the Sand: Thrilling Facts

                Ready for the juiciest details? These dunes, towering up to 750 feet, rank as North America's tallest. Oh, and the sand? It's not your typical beach blend; it's a unique mix of quartz and feldspar, creating a surreal playground.

                Adventure Beckons: Your Sand-Covered Odyssey Awaits

                Prepare to be swept away by the majesty of the Great Sand Dunes. Whether surfing the sandy waves or trekking to the dune peaks, this magical landscape promises an adventure of a lifetime. So, pack your adventurous spirit and dive into the sandscape of Colorado's epic dunes! Don’t forget to grab Dockhead's cool printed shirts that enhance your looks while ensuring complete comfort.

                Fog settled on mountain lake in Montana, with Tamaracks and Larch changing to golden yellow in the surrounding forest 

                7. Things to Do in Whitefish Montana: Mountain Activities

                Swift Creek

                  Zooming through the trees at Swift Creek isn't just skiing; it's a heart-thumping rush that leaves you breathless in the best way possible. Think steep chutes, exhilarating drops, and an adrenaline buzz that’ll keep you coming back for more. Skiing paradise without the crowds.

                  Big Mountain Express - Soaring to the Top

                    Hop on the Big Mountain Express for an epic ride to the summit. Feel the wind as you climb, getting ready for an exciting descent down endless slopes.

                    Backside - A Wild Playground

                      The Backside isn't just a slope—it's a wild adventure! You will get to explore challenging terrains and feel like you're exploring untouched snow-covered wilderness.

                      Hellroaring and East Rim - Thrills Galore

                      These spots aren't for the faint-hearted. Get ready for steep drops and exciting runs that'll make your heart race with excitement.

                      Food and Lodges - Tasty Treats and Cozy Stays

                      Savor delicious food at the lodges. Picture warm meals by a crackling fire, surrounded by the cozy charm of mountain hospitality.

                      Fog - Mystical Vibes

                      Imagine fog adding a magical touch to an already amazing landscape. Embrace the mystery as it weaves through the mountains.

                      The Town - Adventure Meets Charm

                      Whitefish isn't just about the mountain; it's a lively town! Explore cool shops and soak up the adventurous vibe of the community.


                      Glide down the slopes in Dockhead's sleek dresses, feeling like a winter warrior exploring uncharted territory. Exciting, isn’t it?

                       Outer Banks, North Carolina

                      8. Outer Banks, North Carolina: A Beachfront Haven

                      Beaches in winter? Oh, yes! The Outer Banks, a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, is a haven for beach lovers, history enthusiasts, and nature seekers.

                      Getting There

                      By Air: The closest airports are Norfolk International Airport (ORF) in Virginia and Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) in North Carolina. From there, you can rent a car or take a shuttle to the Outer Banks.

                      By Car: If you're driving, take US Route 158 or NC Highway 12, which are the main routes onto the islands. Keep in mind that traffic can be heavy during peak seasons.

                        Where to Stay:

                        Beachfront Resorts: Options like Sanderling Resort, The Outer Banks Inn, or The Inn on Pamlico Sound offer beautiful views and easy beach access.

                        Vacation Rentals: Look into beach houses or condos for a more private experience. Websites like Airbnb or VRBO have a wide range of options.

                          Things to Do:

                          Visit Cape Hatteras National Seashore: Explore the stunning seashore, lighthouses (Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is iconic), and enjoy various outdoor activities like fishing, birdwatching, and beachcombing.

                          Jockey's Ridge State Park: Home to the East Coast's largest sand dune system, offering hang gliding, kite flying, and stunning sunset views.

                          Wright Brothers National Memorial: Learn about the birthplace of aviation and explore the museum and life-size replicas of the Wright Brothers' gliders and planes.

                          Enjoy Water Sports: Surfing, kiteboarding, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding are popular activities due to the consistent waves and winds.

                          Local Cuisine: Indulge in fresh seafood, especially famous North Carolina BBQ, at local eateries like Blue Moon Beach Grill or The Kill Devil Grill.

                            Insider Tips:

                            Watch out for Wildlife: Keep an eye out for wild horses in Corolla or go dolphin spotting on boat tours.

                            Respect the Environment: The Outer Banks is a delicate ecosystem, so follow all posted guidelines to protect the beaches and wildlife.

                            Check for Bridge Conditions: Some parts of the Outer Banks are accessible via bridges. Keep updated on any bridge closures or conditions before planning your trip.

                              The Outer Banks offers a blend of relaxation, adventure, and history against a breathtaking coastal backdrop. Whether you're lounging on the beach or exploring the rich heritage of the islands, there's something for everyone here.

                              Don't forget your sunscreen and camera, and get ready for an unforgettable coastal getaway. Dockhead's coastal accessories add flair to your beachcombing adventures, embracing the ocean vibes even in the colder months.

                               Lake Michigan from a beach in Door County in Wisconsin, the USA in the autumn

                              9. Best Views in Door County, Wisconsin

                              Frozen waterways and charming villages—this winter wonderland meets cozy coastal living. Dockhead's maritime-themed accessories fit right in with the quaint charm of Door County.

                              1. Eagle Bluff Tower

                              Eagle Bluff Tower offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding peninsula and Lake Michigan. Climb up this observation tower for an incredible vantage point, especially during fall when the foliage is ablaze with vibrant colors. 

                              2. The Curvy Highway

                              The scenic drive along the curvy highways of Door County is an experience in itself. As you wind through picturesque landscapes, enjoy the changing scenery of forests, cliffs, and shoreline. Don't rush—take your time to absorb the beauty around every bend.

                              3. Schoolhouse Beach

                              This unique beach stands out with its smooth limestone pebbles. The crystal-clear waters against the limestone shore create a captivating sight. It's an ideal spot for a peaceful stroll or a moment of relaxation by the water.

                              4. Lavender Fields

                              Door County's lavender fields offer a sensory delight. The vibrant purples of the lavender against the backdrop of green fields are a sight to behold. Visit during the blooming season to immerse yourself in the soothing aroma and picturesque views.

                              5. Cana Island Lighthouse

                              Cana Island Lighthouse, set against Lake Michigan's backdrop, offers a glimpse into maritime history. Climb to the top for a splendid view of the surrounding waters and the picturesque island. The scenic beauty surrounding the lighthouse is simply stunning.

                              6. Door Bluff Headlands

                              For breathtaking cliffs and dramatic vistas, visit Door Bluff Headlands. Hike along the trails for panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the rugged coastline. The natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere make this spot a must-visit.

                              7. Sunrise, Sunset

                              Both sunrise and sunset in Door County are truly magical. Find a scenic spot, perhaps at one of the beaches or atop a bluff, to witness the sky transform into a canvas of vibrant colors as the sun rises or sets over the horizon.

                              8. Cave Point

                              Experience the sheer beauty of Cave Point County Park. The waves crashing against the limestone cliffs have created magnificent caves and formations. Take a hike along the trails and listen to the mesmerizing sounds of nature.

                              9. Old Baldy

                              Old Baldy, a towering sand dune, offers a challenging yet rewarding climb. Once at the top, marvel at the panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding landscape. It's an excellent spot for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

                              Plan your trip to Door County to experience these breathtaking views that will leave you in awe of nature's beauty. Whether you're seeking serene beaches, panoramic vistas, or historic landmarks, Door County offers an array of picturesque spots to explore and enjoy.

                              Deschutes River in Bend Oregon USA

                              10. Where to Play and Stay in Bend, Central Oregon

                              Craft beer, stunning views, and endless trails.  Absolutely, Bend, Oregon, is a fantastic destination offering a wide range of activities for travelers. Here's a comprehensive travel guide to help you explore the best of Bend and Central Oregon:

                              Things to Do:

                              Outdoor Activities:

                              • Smith Rock State Park: Perfect for hiking, rock climbing, and stunning views of the Crooked River.
                              • Deschutes River Trail: Ideal for hiking, biking, and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the river.
                              • Mount Bachelor: Offers skiing, snowboarding in winter, and hiking, mountain biking in summer.
                              • Newberry National Volcanic Monument: Explore volcanic landscapes, lakes, and lava tubes.

                                Events and Festivals

                                  • Bend Summer Festival: Celebrates art, music, and food in downtown Bend during the summer months.
                                  • Oregon Winterfest: Features ice sculptures, live music, and a wine walk during the winter season.
                                  • BendFilm Festival: Showcases independent cinema in various venues across Bend.
                                  • First Friday Art Walk: Explore downtown galleries and art spaces on the first Friday of each month.

                                    Hotels and Accommodations

                                    • Luxury:
                                      • The Oxford Hotel: Boutique hotel with upscale amenities and a great downtown location.
                                      • Brasada Ranch: A luxury ranch resort offering stunning views and various outdoor activities.
                                    • Mid-Range:
                                      • Riverhouse on the Deschutes: Comfortable accommodations with river views and easy access to downtown.
                                      • McMenamins Old St. Francis School: A unique hotel with a brewery, theater, and cozy rooms.
                                      • Budget-Friendly:
                                        • Bend Three Sisters Inn & Suites: Affordable lodging with convenient access to downtown Bend.
                                        • Sunnyside Sports Hostel: A budget-friendly hostel offering a communal atmosphere and outdoor gear rentals.

                                        Restaurants and Dining:

                                        • Fine Dining:
                                          • Ariana Restaurant: Upscale dining featuring locally sourced ingredients and a changing menu.
                                          • Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails: Offers creative American cuisine with a Southern twist.
                                        • Casual Eateries:
                                          • Spork: Fusion cuisine with a food-truck-turned-restaurant vibe, offering diverse flavors.
                                          • Jackson's Corner: A local favorite for sandwiches, salads, and a diverse menu using fresh ingredients.

                                          Breweries and Bars

                                          Dockhead's water-resistant jackets keep you dry as you hop from brewery to snowy peak, living the Bend lifestyle to the fullest.

                                          • Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House: Known for its craft beer and delicious pub food.
                                          • Crux Fermentation Project: A unique brewery with a spacious outdoor area and rotating beer selection. 

                                          Trip Ideas

                                          • Family-Friendly:
                                            • High Desert Museum: Interactive exhibits on regional wildlife, culture, and history for all ages.
                                            • Sun Mountain Fun Center: Bowling, arcade games, and mini-golf suitable for families.
                                          • Adventure Seekers:
                                            • Whitewater Rafting on the Deschutes River: Enjoy thrilling rapids with experienced guides.
                                            • Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway: Drive through stunning landscapes and stop at picturesque lakes for various activities. 
                                          • Relaxation and Nature:
                                            • Tumalo Falls: A short hike leads to breathtaking waterfalls and serene surroundings.
                                            • Drake Park: Relax by Mirror Pond, perfect for picnics and leisurely strolls.

                                          Bend, Oregon, and its surroundings offer something for everyone, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, or a culture seeker. Enjoy the diverse activities, natural beauty, and vibrant culture that this wonderful city and its surroundings have to offer!


                                           And let’s throw in a wildcard…


                                          Bonus Destination: The Mississippi River Cruise!

                                          The Mississippi River is a real gem, and there are some fantastic cruises you won't want to miss out on this year!

                                           Aerial view of curving road along Mississippi River during autumn

                                          The 10 Best Mississippi River Cruises for 2024

                                          Check out these ten awesome trips that'll give you a taste of the river's beauty and history.

                                          1. American Queen Steamboat Company
                                          Hop on the American Queen, a classic steamboat with big paddlewheels. It's like stepping into history but with comfy rooms, great food, and themed trips down the Lower Mississippi.
                                          2. American Cruise Lines
                                          This cruise line offers trips up the Upper Mississippi on a modern boat. You'll get to visit cool little towns along the way and learn a bunch about the area.
                                          3. Viking River Cruises
                                          Sail with Viking on a fancy ship through the heart of the United States. They've got trips planned that'll take you to historic spots and teach you lots about the Mississippi.
                                          4. American Duchess
                                          Want luxury? Check out the American Duchess! It's got big suites, fancy shows, and delicious food while cruising the Lower Mississippi.
                                          5. Queen of the Mississippi
                                          This cruise is all about comfort. You'll get to see beautiful sights and learn a ton about the Mississippi River's history on this cozy boat.
                                          6. American Empress
                                          Travel on this ship along the Columbia and Snake Rivers to the Pacific Northwest. It follows the path of Lewis and Clark and is super elegant.
                                          7. Blount Small Ship Adventures
                                          These guys use small boats that can go to tiny ports others can't. It's an intimate way to explore the river and find hidden spots. 
                                          8. Pearl Seas Cruises
                                          Join Pearl Seas Cruises for a top-notch experience. They'll show you around with great service, big rooms, and chances to really get into the local culture.
                                          9. French America Line
                                          This cruise takes you back in time with fancy decorations, yummy food, and cool trips along the Mississippi.
                                          10. UnCruise Adventures
                                          For something different, try UnCruise Adventures. They use small ships and focus on exploring, meeting locals, and doing fun stuff. 


                                          So, whether you're into luxury, history, or just want to see the Mississippi River up close, there's a cruise for you in 2024.

                                          Picture this: cruising down the mighty Mississippi, decked out in Dockhead's nautical-themed gear, feeling like a river captain on an epic voyage.

                                          How's that? Exploring the Mississippi River on these cruises is like taking a trip through history and nature all rolled into one!

                                          So, get ready to escape from the ordinary, travel rebels!

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                                          Are you wondering…What is Dockhead Merch?

                                          It's a Gift For Travel and Fashion Enthusiasts, From Travel and Fashion Enthusiasts.

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                                          Was this guide helpful for you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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